Incandescent Lamps, LED Lighting Products, Has Been Back Into The Mainstream

Energy-saving lamps has been phased out LED lights into the mainstream

Recently, Fang Mingkang jindong district who lives in fountain Street Community House living room lamp aging, going to get a new lamp. "My house now is energy-saving lamps, yesterday I went to had a tour of the lighting market, energy-saving lights have been rarely found on the market. "Fang Mingkang last bought a LED lamp.

On September 7, the reporters came to Zhejiang building material market, the lamp shop has LED lamp sales. A lighting shop owner Zhao Huasheng introduced: "people who buy energy-saving lamps is relatively small now, many young people when you decorate the House will buy LED lamps. ”

"Energy-saving lamp twice times more brightness of the LED lights. "In recent years LED lamps are sought after because of the market, Zhao Huasheng explained, although the price of LED lamps is slightly higher than energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps produce light flicker, energy-saving lamps also produce electromagnetic radiation of high frequency flashing, use easily cause damage to the eyes for a long time," and LED glow lamp using semiconductor electronic effects, is a low voltage DC current source of light-emitting devices. ”

"LED the performance, safety, and so have to be stronger than that of energy-saving lamps, combined with energy-saving lamps is also affected by mercury pollution that cannot circumvent the constraints, be replaced sooner or later. LED material is silicon, no environmental problems. "Zhao Huasheng said.

Zhao Huasheng accounts: a 40W incandescent bulbs per hour consumed 0.03652 kWh, a 10W energy saving lamps per hour consumed 0.00814 kWh, a 5W LED lamp cost 0.00704 kWh per hour. "If households every day driving lights 6 hours 0.6 Yuan per kWh calculation using a 40W incandescent bulbs electricity was 47.98 Yuan a year, using a 10W energy saving lamp electricity was 10.69 Yuan a year, and a 5W LED lamp electricity is 9.25 Yuan a year. Obviously, using incandescent lamps are the least economical. LED lights more expensive than energy-saving lamp price, but electricity is more expensive. "He said.

Customers come to buy lamps asked LED lamp customers account for the majority of. One customer says, "LED lights than the energy-saving lamp price is higher, but over a long time can save a lot of electricity, by contrast is very good. ”

Institute of semiconductors, CAs Vice President Chen Hongda said that if China 50% light swap LED, when you will be able to achieve annual energy-saving 210 billion-kilowatt, equivalent to build 2.5, the three gorges project. Meanwhile, LED in terms of life expectancy, application flexibility also has incomparable advantages.

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