Use Of Led Light For Half Year Can Save Electricity Expenditure

    The time of soaring price, we have many reason to replace our traditional tube lamp with power-saving 60% of led lamp in the principle of money-saving.

  Perhaps some people think led lamp was very expensive, but it was durable, lifespan of led lamp was equal to that of several traditional tube lamp, meantime it can save maintenance cost of constantly replacing lamp.

  You can touch tradition tube lamp which light on for several hours, you will feel a certain of temperature, then you touch a same bright led lamp, it was cooler.

  Heat energy consume more electronic power, the reason was same as water heater. Owner experience told you the reason why led lamp was saving.

  For long hours operation of supermarket, convenient store, factory or hospital, you should be likely to use led lamp to save electronic bill.

   Someone calculate that use it for approximately half year, funding in led lamp can be paid back due to expenditure of power-saving.



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